Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master Motherboard Leaked

A leaked image of Gigabyte’s upcoming Z690 AORUS Master motherboard has been posted online by Twitter user @hw_reveal. The image does appear to be genuine, but with anything pre-release we can take this image with a grain of salt. The leaked image gives us a top-view of the board and the first thing that really stands out is the color-change. We reviewed the Z590 AORUS Master and the new Z690 AORUS Master seems to change things up with purple and blue accents, we assume from RGB lighting. So the large AORUS logo on the PCH heatsink has been replaced with the a smaller AORUS logo that appears to be engraved on acrylic. Then we have a see-through piece on the I/O cover that lights up as well.

z690 aorus master

The board appears to be E-ATX and we can see the new FINS-ARRAY III cooling solution over the power delivery components. We cannot tell what the VRM is here, but we can assume this board will have a hefty power phase design (the Z590 AORUS Master had an 18+1 design). Dual 12-pin EPS connectors are spotted at the top corner of the board.

“DDR5” is spotted above the memory slots so we know this is a DDR5-capable board, although we do not know the highest speed memory that it will support.

As far as expansion slots there is a single x16 slot, which is white to denote it is the main slot. The other two slots looks to be wired x4, but are also metal re-enforced. There appears to be three M.2 slots on this board with the main slot being above the top x16 slot and two more below it, all of which have integrated heatsinks.

Via @hw_reveal (Twitter)

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