Google Announces Stadia Cloud Gaming Service at GDC 2019

One of the biggest announcements at GDC 2019 has actually come from Google where they have announced Stadia, a new ambitious game streaming platform. This platform is unlike any other in that you do not need a console or PC to use it. Google has said that with their powerful datacenter network, Stadia will stream high-fidelity gaming up to 4K 60FPS to devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, TVs via Chromecast, and mobile phones via cloud technology.


Google is making this platform very easy to access within Chrome or YouTube. Users will be able to launch games directly from YouTube trailers, bringing a new way to experience games once you are interested in them. Game trailers on YouTube will now have a “play now” button which brings the player right into the game in as “quick as five seconds with no download,” Google’s Phil Harrison said.

“Our goal with Stadia is to reduce the friction of getting excited by a game and playing a game. On Stadia, you just need to click on a YouTube video or link and you can be playing your game instantly,” Harrison said.

“The key benefit of our platform is that a single creative vision and a single code base can now be enjoyed instantly across any screen. At launch we’ll support being able to play games across desktops, laptops, TVs via Chromecast, tablets, and phones. This new generation of gaming is not a box; the datacenter is your platform, there is no console that limits the creator’s ideas, or limits where gamers can play.”

Google has also said that Stadia will have full cross-platform multiplayer and you’ll have game saves and progression across all devices. There is no console, but there is a Stadia controller that will connect to WiFi and directly links up with Google’s servers for improved functionality and compatibility.


If Google can indeed deliver on their 4K 60FPS with HDR support they could potentially change the whole gaming market. Stadia will be launching in 2019 across North America and Europe, no pricing details were revealed.

Key features of Stadia include:

– Game where you want, when you want.
– Play across multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, and select phones and tablets.
– High speed internet connection required

– New ways to play through YouTube and beyond.
– Go from watching a video to playing a game in seconds, with even more innovative experiences to come for select games.

– Up to 4K HDR at 60 FPS.
– Enjoy gaming the way you love, with beautiful HDR graphics and smooth frame rates.
– 4K HDR at 60 FPS are dependent on your bandwidth. Gameplay experience may vary based on quality of internet connection.

– Play instantly.
– No updates, no downloads. Jump right into the game.

– Always getting better.
– Stadia’s cloud based infrastructure evolves to meet the demands of players, developers, and YouTube creators.

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