GPD Win 4 (8840U) Handheld Set To Hit The Shelves Later This Month; GPD G1 eGPU Gets Updated Too

As per GPD’s blog post, scheduled revisions are on the horizon this month for two devices: the GPD Win 4 and the GPD G1. The GPD Win 4 is set to receive a more powerful Ryzen 7 8840U processor compared to its current 7840U. Alongside introducing some AI hardware, the CPUs are expected to deliver similar performance. This update aligns with GPD’s previously announced intentions in December.

GPD’s initial blog post centers on upcoming modifications for the GPD G1, their lightweight external GPU. The revised GPD G1 will enable higher refresh rates via HDMI, support 65 Watt charging through USB4, and incorporate a physical power switch to toggle between a “Silent” 60 Watt TGP mode and a “Balanced” 100 Watt TGP mode.
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GPD increased the USB4/Thunderbolt 4 charging port on the GPD G1 by five watts to ensure it can adequately charge devices with higher power requirements, such as certain Microsoft Surface and Lenovo laptop models. This adjustment enhances the GPD G1’s suitability for on-the-go gaming, especially with the introduction of a Silent mode tailored for less demanding titles or reduced battery consumption.

The update to the GPD Win 4, shifting from the Ryzen 7 7840U to the Ryzen 7 8840U, is somewhat anticipated. Both CPUs feature the same Radeon 780M iGPU found in high-end PC handhelds like the ASUS ROG Ally and Ayaneo Flip DS, surpassing the Steam Deck in raw power and price. Unless the added onboard AI hardware plays a role in FSR upscaling updates, the Ryzen 7 8840U is unlikely to significantly affect gaming performance compared to the 7840U.

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Distinct from conventional gaming-focused PC handhelds by other manufacturers, the GPD Win 4 stands out with its inclusion of a full pull-out keyboard in addition to its gamepad controls. Moreover, the GPD Win 4 features an optical finger-mouse on the right-hand side, offering functionality akin to the Steam Deck trackpads but in a more compact form.

These features render it suitable for on-the-go computing and can serve purposes like in-game communication or hotkeys for those who enjoy maximizing button functionality. Additionally, there are programmable back buttons for added customization. The Win 4 Ryzen 7 8840U revision this month brings a welcome update to the 6-inch GPD Win 4—although it may not constitute a substantial specification improvement if you already own a 7840U Win 4.

Source: GPD