Great phones for serious gamers

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While mobile phones haven’t traditionally been the go-to choice for hard-core gamers, innovations in technology have meant that once exclusively console and pc games can now be played on the humble phone. With improved cooling systems, better displays, increased RAM and storage space, gaming specific buttons and increased battery life, mobile phones have provided the perfect platform for both casual and hard-core gamers. And, as these devices are portable, gamers can now access their favorite games on the go. Let’s have a look at some of the best new phones out there for gamers.

Apple iPhone XR

While this is the cheapest offering from Apple, it still manages to deliver a fantastic all-round user experience. Its powerful A12 Bionic Processor allows for a hugely enjoyable and interactive gaming experience. With storage capacity to up to 256GB, it will suit all gaming styles. The RAM is on the lower side when compared to other Apple phones, as well as others on this list, but nonetheless packs enough of a punch to run most games seamlessly.

It is QI enabled, allowing for wireless charging, and is fast charge capable, charging to 50% in just 30 minutes; and when fully charged the battery will last for 15hrs of internet use, perfect for a long gaming session. Its in-built security system, iOS 13, is packed full of powerful features and is designed to protect your privacy when online, a must for any gamer.

Best for: built-in online security

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Although one of the most expensive phones on the market, this handset is definitely a cut above the rest. The integrated stylus is the main selling point, and comes in handy for a variety of games. The massive, edge to edge, screen; at 6.8 inches, is one of the biggest available, and provides a crystal clear display and sharp, bright colors, perfect for playing high-spec modern games.

The battery lasts for a while, with users getting 36 hours of usage between charges, and the super-fast 45W wired charging can take the handset from 0% to 100% in just 30 minutes, and is also wireless-charging compatible (though at a slower 15W). It’s also 5G enabled, giving you great connectivity for playing games like PUBG with friends.

Best For: Online 5G Connectivity and battery life

Sony Xperia 1

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This new offering from Sony is a gamers dream: the 21:9 aspect ratio, coupled with a hefty 6.5 inch screen and 4k resolution means games will look sharp, defined, bright and vibrant. Sony has also played to its strengths and added in superb audio (Dolby) and HDR support so that gaming becomes as immersive as possible, while keeping the hardware light and portable. This phone’s screen is perfect for games like online blackjack, where clearly seeing all the details of your cards and chips is integral to the gameplay.

Best For: Ultra-HD display

OnePlus 7 Pro

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With a massive 6.67 inch screen, the OnePlus 7 Pro has curved edges and no front camera notch making it feel even bigger. The high resolution and high display refresh rate make this one of the most attractive models for gamers. Fast CPU, up to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage allow for high quality, high performance visuals, and enough storage space for even the most advanced of games.

The battery is supported by 30W Warp Charging which is exceedingly fast (0% – 50% in 20 minutes), however, you will need this, as despite a larger battery than a number of other phones on this list, the battery life on this is around the 10 hour mark, and the handset is not wireless charging enabled.

The most attractive feature for gamers will be the gaming mode which blocks all notifications from coming in, leaving you to enjoy your game in peace! This is perfect for solo gamers who want to be fully immersed in a story, like any Telltale Games series.

Best For: In-built Gaming mode


Asus is well known for creating gaming laptops, so we would expect their foray into the world of gaming phones to be equally successful. This has been specifically designed for gamers: it has a customized in-case cooling solution to help you get the best of the processor, as well as the charging and audio ports being on one side of the device so that it can be held easily in landscape mode.

The 6.59 inch screen runs at a refresh rate of 120Hz, around four times higher than the standard rate of most phones, which allows for smooth gameplay. Up to 1TB of storage should be enough for even the most hard-core gamers. The huge battery, twice the size of most others, certainly delivers, and allows for 30W Quick Charge as well as 10W reverse charging, effectively becoming a power bank for other devices.

The main downside is that this has been designed as a console in phone shape, and has many drawbacks when wanting to use this as a phone; it is rather large and ungainly, more like a small tablet. But if you’re more interested in a mobile gaming solution, then this works extremely well.

Best For: specifically designed for gaming

On the go gaming has become a part of everyday life, from the most casual of gamers on Candy Crush-style games to those playing hours upon hours per day with friends. This means that the vast majority of phones on the market need to have some form of gaming compatibility. Common developments include improvements in graphics, speedy charging, and increases in battery life and storage capabilities. The different handsets have different strengths, and the type of phone you go for will very much depend on the type of game you go for, but all will provide with many hours of enjoyable gaming.