Looking at Bitcoin in 2020

In just over a decade since its introduction, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has proved to be one of the most important developments to ever hit the world of digital finance. From rocky beginnings, Bitcoin is now considered a highly desirable form of currency, with each passing year bringing it ever-closer to mainstream acceptance. For those not close to the crypto realm, the progress of its flagship Bitcoin is often still shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. Our goal is to remedy this problem. In 2020, here’s a partial list of what Bitcoin can get you.

The World of Gaming

Given that cryptocurrency is a digital creation, it makes sense to start in a similarly technological realm. Ever since Bitcoin started gaining real value, tech-enthusiasts have looked for ways to spend it online, and some of the most appropriate ways this proved possible was through video games.

This was an advantageous combination on a base level, given how gaming video cards proved the most viable hardware tool for mining cryptocurrencies from the outset. With gaming setups and Bitcoin combined, players had a self-contained way to not only gain money but also to spend it.

Unfortunately, over time, some of the most major ways to purchase traditional video games with Bitcoin, such as through Steam, fell by the wayside. In their place, it was the related realm of online casino gaming which picked up much of the slack. Today, Bitcoin casinos like Casinos.co.za are everywhere, with an enormous range of games, bonuses, and a top-in-class approach to quality.

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Real Estate

In terms of purchasing larger visible goods with Bitcoin, perhaps the most illustrative of how far we’ve come can be seen in real estate. At first, sales on this level were quite tentative between sellers, but as confidence in the crypto was established, this proved to be a perfect meld between major forces in the financial world.

In 2020, there are some major websites set up which entirely operate around the concept of Bitcoin-driven real estate. Selling properly all over Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania, these properties range from the small to the enormous, some even going as far as to offer private islands and Swiss chalets.

Electronics and House Goods

It’s not only the initial purchase of a home that can be covered by Bitcoin, as stocking it with electronic and general goods and housewares is now easily possible too. Going from the bedroom to the bathroom, and even stocking the kitchen, every possible asset you could need within your home now has multiple options available in purchasing with Bitcoin online.

While it should be said that, so far, many of these businesses are relegated to the more populous areas, their growing popularity has all but assured their eventual expansion the world over. This doesn’t necessarily have to be performed online either, as prepaid Bitcoin debit cards which operate under the likes of MasterCard are also finding their feet.

Forex Trading

Of all the different avenues which Bitcoin has traveled, none are as indicative of financial trust that their involvement in the foreign exchange market. At the start of 2020, dozens of established brokers all over the globe had already begun accepting Bitcoin, as well as other major cryptos like Ethereum. If anything was going to attract the attention of global elites to the point of making crypto a mainstream success, this development was it.

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As per the above examples, it’s undeniable that cryptocurrencies have made enormous progress. From only being useful in direct transactions to now being able to purchase all the goods and services a person could want; the early shackles have now been discarded. With only eleven years passed since its inception, the only real questions left are around what Bitcoin could look like in another decade. Make no mistake, it might have come a long way, but it’s not done yet.