Losing Your MacBook to Theft Can Be Devastating: Here’s How to Protect Your Next Mac

Cases of laptop theft are not uncommon. This means that your Mac is at risk of being stolen at the workplace, coffee shop, in your car, or even when you leave it unattended at home.

Everyone, including thieves and hackers, wants to have a Mac. However, unlike any other device, your laptop is home to your critical information such as photos, work files, music, videos, and many other things that are dear to you.

You, therefore, need to put measures in place to ensure that your Mac is protected from theft. Luckily, there are proven ways you can use to enhance the safety of your laptop and prevent it from theft. What’s more, this technology can help locate your Mac after it has been stolen. Read along to learn more.

How to Prevent Your Mac from Theft?

While you can locate your MacBook using OSX security features, it is advisable to protect the theft before it happens. Here are some ways you can prevent your Mac from being stolen:

Invest in a Security Lock Cable

One way to prevent your Mac from being stolen is to lock it down. Locking your Mac with a security lock is an excellent way to discourage thieves from stealing your MacBook. Thieves are opportunists and as such, are always on the lookout for easy targets.

MacBook air cable locks are among the security locks you can use to secure your Mac. It is an excellent choice for customers who want to secure their Mac on the go. Whether you own an 11-inch or 13-inch model, you can rely on MacBook air cable lock to protect your Mac from theft.

Ideally, your MacBook needs to have a built-in security slot to be able to use this cable. As such, no one can steal the Mac without destroying it.

The best thing is that a MacBook air cable lock uses a standard security lock and as such, you can use it with any cable available on the market.

Whichever lock you choose, remember it is only meant to discourage opportunistic from stealing your Mac. With the right tools, a thief can still cut the locks and get away with your MacBook.

Enable the Mac’s Built-in Firewall

You can also get in the way of thieves by turning on the built-in firewall for your Mac. Enabling Mac’s built-in firewall system is straightforward.

Once it is turned on, Mac’s built-in firewall will prevent any network connections from your device. Ideally, applications will ask for your permission before allowing any outbound connections. Depending on your preference, you can opt to deny access on a permanent or temporary basis.

Install LoJack Service

If you used an iPhone before, then you’ve heard about Find My iPhone app, a mobile service that allows users to track down their iPhone when it is lost or stolen. Well, there’s a similar app for Mac users.

Lojack is a software that allows for both data security and recovery services for your Mac. To benefit from this service, ensure to LoJack your mac before it is stolen. Ideally, this service will allow your Mac to be traceable even if the thief has wiped the hard drive of your lost Mac.

When your lost computer MacBook is connected to the internet, Lojack will start to show where your device is located without the thief’s knowledge.

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your Mac back, Lojack installation will increase the chances of getting it back as opposed to if you had not installed it.

Avoid Automatic Login for Your Device

While you may be tempted to not set a login password for your device, you should avoid this completely. It is a bad habit that can make it easy for anyone who comes across your Mac (including thieves) to do what they want with your device.

While it may appear a small thing, putting a strong password on your device will help discourage thieves from stealing your device.

Bottom Line

As earlier stated computer theft is not uncommon. In fact, most stolen laptops are never recovered. Mac laptops are increasingly gaining popularity and as such, they are highly targeted by thieves.

While you can take advantage of technology to track your lost device, it is important to ensure to enable key security features way before your MacBook is stolen. Also, remember to invest in a security cable to discourage thieves from stealing your Mac.

Always remember that thieves are unlikely to steal your device if they have difficulty stealing it.