Which Framework Should I Use for My Business: AngularJS or NodeJS?

If you are looking to set up an online business nothing beats a classy website and an app to go along with it. A website’s interface is quite important as it will be the reflection of your business on the internet. However, choosing a suitable framework is not quite easy. Basically, AngularJS and NodeJS are the two most popular options.

But again, which one should you opt for? How to determine that? Well, there is only one solution; compare them. And today, that is the topic of discussion. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at which framework is best for your business:

When should you opt for AngularJS?

As we said earlier, it all comes down to the purpose of your website. If you are looking to create an elegant website to impress your clients, then AngularJS is the best choice for you. The reason is quite simple: AngularJS is an open-source framework that deals with the front end of your website.

Moreover, it is completely coded in Javascript, so, you can easily make a dynamic website of your dreams. Adding more to its value is the fact that it is free of cost. It is maintained by Google. Thus, you can expect top-notch features and updates as well.

Furthermore, AngularJS basically runs on HTML, which we are sure you must have heard back in your school days. You can use HTML to either create a single page or multiple page websites. For example, if you are creating a casino website, then you can use this frame to add a separate page linking to the pay by mobile casino app on your website.

When should you opt for NodeJS?

Now NodeJS is quite the opposite of AngularJS as it focuses more on the back end of the website. You can use it to properly maintain the server of your website. Just like NodeJS, this framework is also open source. The biggest advantage of this framework is it goes hand in hand with NodeJS.

For example, if you have used AngularJS for developing the design of your casino app, NodeJS will aid you in maintaining the server-side of things. Moreover, you can always go for the complete Javascript framework to use simultaneously instead of using one at a time.

Apart from Javascript; C and C++ are the two most common languages to write code for NodeJS.

Final Thoughts

This wraps up our comparison between AngularJS and NodeJS. We hope you now have a better understanding of both these frameworks. In the end, we would like to say that don’t rush into things, take your time and research properly before choosing between the two frameworks.