How to record your phone screen on an Android phone

Taking screenshots is very easy, however when it comes to longer, complicated video recording. Therefore you require to know some of the skills and knowledge that are needed to record the screen on your Android device. This may include how to use inbuilt tools that are available on your Android devices as well as downloading specific apps that enhance the recording.

One of the main Android pros is that you can record the screen of the app or recording gameplay is that you can, later on, use that footage in creating videos; this can be on Google Play Store or mobile video on your Android app.

These are several solutions or ways out there that you can use for recording videos using android. These ways and solutions mainly depend on the Android version that you are using, or the device has. There are several other Android releases that are important, and you require knowing whenever it comes to how to record your phone screen on an Android phone. In this article will look at several ways in which you can use on-screen video recorder without rooting your device

Android 10

In case you want to take a quick or create a video for professional purposes or snap on an Android device with your friend, showing gaming skills. There are several ways in which you can do it and don’t have to rely on an extra device to record on the phone screen. There comes a time when one requires to record videos using an Android app.

Android 10 allows you to access the recording option on their settings bar. To do so, you are required to swipe twice to access. To access the Quick Settings option, then you chose a screen recording on your LG phone or screen recorder on your Samsung phone. You can then tap the start option button as you wait for a short time then your device will start recording

You may perhaps require allowing your recorder to get some permission before it begins. LG devises caution on any protected content such as Netflix — may be presented as a black screen. When you have finished recording, you can now tap the stop option button, and then the recording shall end.

Screen recording with apps

If you don’t have a device that has Android 10 such as Samsung or LG, you don’t have to worry as you don’t have to buy a new phone to record your screen. You can just download an app that will help you to handle your recording tasks. Some of screen recording apps include

The AZ recorder
az recorder
AZ recorder app is used purely on recording; it doesn’t have watermarks or time limits. It regarded as the best app because it’s very simple to use. It doesn’t require so much setting hence used in its default setting.

To get started, you download the app. Once you to be that you can now start it, in this case, it will display some circles on the screen. On display, it will show the following options for live streaming, recording, taking screenshots, and among others. Choose the Recording option and then confirm to start the screen recording. Once it has started, you can then end the recording by just swiping down your screen, or you tap the Stop option button.


Mobizen presents HD recording that is the same as that one of the AZ apps. Thus it’s one of the best options you can try if the AZ app doesn’t really on your device do. Download the application on Google Play and start it on the app menu. After the setup procedure is over, mobizen places a small air circle icon on the screen and then run it using it. When you are all set to record, tap the start button, opt the record. The camera icon merely takes screenshots, then starts recording.

This creates a three-second pause and then start recording. Select it once more and tap the pause button to pause the recording of the video whenever you like or need arises. On the upper button has a red stop icon when you are recording, you can tap this one at any time to stop the video.

After discontinuing the video, it launches a pop-up icon that helps to see the video. In case you would like to edit your video, you can select view video, and this will allow an edit option on the app if you have it save that video. Whereas you are viewing, you will notice a pen-and-paper editing icon at the bottom of the video player.

Android 5.0

Android 5.0   has commenced the screen recording option. This has therefore made video recording much easier, and as it has opened up several screen recording options. It on one of the best app available that is used in recording purposes

Froyo 2.2.3

Presently there are apps that may record from Android versions such as Froyo 2.2.3; nevertheless, the results vary to a great extent by device manufacturer and application. This is an old app used in recording, but there are newer flexible apps that are used for recording

Pre KitKat 4.4

Prior to KitKat 4.4, there wasn’t any built-in function that would be used to record your Android device. As a result of people generally choose to put a camera in front of the phone.

Android KitKat 4.4

4.4 released by Android KitKat, Google, therefore, added screen recording function. This that helps users to record device that is linked to their computer, through   Android Developer SDK,  by using (ADB). Android Debug Bridge. The recording function is using this app is very hard to use, and therefore it’s mainly used by developers.

External Video Recording Options

There are also several external recording options out there. These are external video adapters that can be used to link an Android device and desktop/ laptop. They are mainly used in recording gameplay and acts as an Xbox. They can also be used on recording Android devices too. They are very resourceful since they are used to recording on different devices.