Top 5 gadgets to have in 2020

It’s been a tough year folks, but hopefully, things will look better in a few months. Now, at least for the time being, many of us don’t get to go places and do various activities. So thank goodness for online shopping! We can still have tons of cool gadgets off the internet. Let’s dive right in and see what can you find to cheer yourself up a bit.

  1. 3D printer

This is clearly not the newest gadget coming out this year, but it’s still unbelievably cool. And it’s not really necessary to get a big industrial model to feel how great it is. Even a cheap 3D printer will leave you in awe and give you the opportunity to create an endless amount of really great stuff. And what takes it to the next level is the ability to design the objects yourself. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work, but the reward will be having a very marketable skill.

  1. Cell phone signal booster

This is a great device to have if you’re experiencing some fluctuations in your cell signal. It amplifies the weak signal in a matter of seconds. If you’re not really clear on how this device functions, here’s a brief introduction. A mobile phone booster consists of 3 main components: the outside antenna, that grabs the signal coming in from the cell tower, the amplifier, which enhanced that signal, and the indoor antenna, which then broadcasts the new signal over a designated area. Boosters are very different in their technical characteristics, so do your homework and research before you buy!

This great device will keep you properly connected in your own home, so you can work comfortably and stay in touch with friends!

  1. A Microlens add-on for your phone

If you are at all interested in getting really great images, these lenses will be quite handy. You can use it to take curious pictures of your surroundings and get a new hobby while you are stuck at home all day. Also, these lenses open a great window into teaching your kids about biology and the structure of living creatures in general.

  1. Sugru moldable glue

This glue looks like a piece of modeling clay but sticks to literally everything, from plastic to metal. It is water-resistant and can stay in the right shape for extraordinarily long time. This is a great way to fix little problems around the house without having the need to call someone to help you.

  1. Corohook.

This is a curious little piece of plastic that is cheap but very effective. Hard to call it a gadget. It is actually a hook that you can use in any public space to avoid touching any surface. You can open doors, fridge handles, anything you want. And, by the way, you could also print it on your 3D printer you have decided to get one. The only reason we included it in this list, is because the times call for our caution and this hook is very comfortable to use in case you need to touch anything you don’t want to be touching.

The market is constantly full of new, innovative devices, interesting solutions to our day-to-day problems and gadgets created just to bring us a little more joy. So follow the trends not to miss out on all the interesting news! Keep safe and good luck!