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Griffin iTrip Aux & iTrip Bluetooth Review

iTrip Aux Testing
Griffin iTrip Aux

iTrip Aux is very similar to iTrip Bluetooth, but it isn’t wireless and has a built-in Lightning connector that will not only charge your device but also will let you play music. As mentioned earlier, iTrip Aux’s power supply is a beefy 12 watts. To put this in perspective, iPad chargers are 12 watts, iPhone chargers are 5 watts. iTrip Aux will not only charge your iPad, it can also charge your iPhone a lot faster than your little wall plug. Here are some statistics I gathered while charging an iPad or iPhone with iTrip Aux and doing random activities on those devices.


iTrip Aux can almost add 1% of battery charge per minute on an iPhone when the phone is doing energy heavy tasks. If an iPad 4 or iPad Air were not idle, iTrip Aux’s charging speed slowed down a bit, but that is to be expected. When charging an idle iPad Air, iTrip Aux equaled the same charge rate as Apple’s official 12W wall charger.

Griffin iTrip Aux

Another cool feature on iTrip Aux is it has buttons on the device for play/pause, skip forward, and skip backwards. Each skip button can also be used to advance the song faster in the respective direction. Including these buttons make it easy to change songs on the fly without having to touch your device to perform these simple tasks. And if you’re worried about seeing it at night, iTrip Aux has a clean looking illuminated ring, providing a general idea of each button’s location.

Music playback and charging functionality always worked 100% with iTrip Aux.