Griffin Reveal iPhone Case Review

Installation & Use
Getting your iPhone in the Reveal is very simple. First located the left edge of your iPhone and slide it right into the case while pressing down. It is that simple! It really takes about 5 seconds to install this case! Even though installation is so easy Griffin has made a video showing you how to install and remove the Reveal case, you can check it out below.

Since the case is so small and light it really does add much weight or size to your iPhone. I really like that, but you have to remember that also means less protection. One thing that is always good to do is try and shake the phone around inside the case to see if it moves around. If it moves that means it will not protect the phone as well. The iPhone does not move at all while inside the Reveal case.

Griffin Reveal iPhone Case Griffin Reveal iPhone Case

As I said earlier in the review Griffin has used rubber buttons for the volume and power. These rubber buttons do work well, but take some time to get used to. Also the take a bit more force to press, but that really is not that big of a deal. Since this case is so slim it also makes it easy for it to fit into many docks without having to remove the case, which is a plus.

Griffin Reveal iPhone Case Griffin Reveal iPhone Case

Final Thoughts
If you are not a fan on large clunky iPhone cases then the Reveal is perfect for you! It is extremely thin and light. Although with that you are getting less protection, but it’s all in what you want out of an iPhone case. The case is very comfortable to hold and use. I also like that the back is clear so you can show of the beauty of the iPhone. This also has a trade-off as you will see dust and lint through the clear cover.

Right now Griffin is selling the Reveal for $24.99, which I think is a bit high an iPhone case that does not have a front and offers as much protection as the Reveal does. Also many of the Griffin iPhone cases come with a cleaning cloth and screen protector and the Reveal does not. I think that $14.99 – $19.99 would be a good price for the Reveal.

Overall ThinkComputers give the Griffin Reveal iPhone Case a 7 out of 10 score.

– Thin and light
– Easy to install
– Clear back shows off the iPhone

– Price
– Limited protection
– No cleaning cloth or screen protector included

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