Griffin Reveal iPhone Case Review

I’ve had an iPhone since the first generation and being that I spent $400 on the first generation and another $200 on the 3G, I try to protect my investment. This means that I’ve gone through a lot of cases. Most cases I’ve checked out have been basically the same, but the Reveal is a little different, not to mention it is one of the thinnest and lightest cases that I have seen. Let’s take a look at the Reveal and see if it is the perfect case for your iPhone.

Special thanks to Griffin for providing us with the Reveal iPhone Case to review.

Our thinnest case for iPhone yet, Reveal adds just 1.4 mm in thickness. Sleek, one-piece design shields your iPhone from the indignities of the outside world as it preserves look and feel. Reveal’s polycarbonate shell holds tight while slim rubber accents cushion and protect.

– One-piece polycarbonate shell with ultra-thin rubber interior lining accents
– Super-slim: adds just 1.4 mm in thickness to your iPhone 3G
– Allows access to all ports and controls

The Reveal comes in a small package not much larger than the case itself. The front is clear so you can get a look at what the Reveal looks like. The back has a picture of the Reveal with an iPhone.

Griffin Reveal iPhone Case Griffin Reveal iPhone Case

Opening up the package inside we find the Reveal case with a small piece of paper that instructs you to go to Griffin’s website for installation instructions.

Griffin Reveal iPhone Case

Reveal Overview
The first thing that I found interesting about the Reveal was that it was a one-piece case. There was no top or bottom to take off, it is one solid piece. I really haven’t seen that many single-piece cases and the ones that I have seen have been pretty poor. You will notice that the case we received is black but Griffin also offers this case in white, blue, red, purple, pink and magenta. If we flip the case over you can see that the backside is clear to show off your iPhone.

Griffin Reveal iPhone Case Griffin Reveal iPhone Case

The case itself is made of polycarbonate, which is what most quality iPhone cases are made out of. There are also rubber accents around the top and side. On the back you will also notice that there is a hole for the camera. There are also holes for the mute switch and headphone jack. Instead of leaving holes for the volume and power buttons Griffin decided to cover them over with rubber buttons.

Griffin Reveal iPhone Case Griffin Reveal iPhone Case

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