Griffin Simplifi Charge / Sync Dock for iPhone Review

Usage & Testing

Getting the Simplifi setup is pretty simple, just place it on your desk and plug in the USB cable. Then go ahead and get the right adapter for your iPhone and iPod install it on the Simplifi. Then dock your iPhone and you are ready to go. Just like a normal dock the Simpifi charges as well as sync’s your iPhone. It was nice being able to have a USB hub, card reader, and iPhone dock all in one. It really makes things easy and keeps the clutter on my desk down. I connected my Seagate FreeAgent Go drive and it worked perfectly without any problems.

Griffin Simplifi Charge / Sync Dock for iPhone Griffin Simplifi Charge / Sync Dock for iPhone

I wanted to test out the card reader to see how it would perform so I decided to test it with my SanDisk Ultra II 2GB compact flash card. As you can see from the results the card reader performed alright but not that spectacular. I would have liked to see some better performance from the card reader.


Final Thoughts

The Simplifi is a great little gadget is a must have if you use a card reader and have an iPod or iPhone. It puts both an iPhone dock and a card reader in one simple device that looks great and saves space on your desk. Another plus is that you do get a 2-port USB drive which you can use for a flash drive or other USB devices. All in all it is a great little device!

The card reader is great for SD and CF cards and works pretty well, but is a bit slow compared to other card readers we have used in the past. The Simplifi sells for $34.99 through Griffin which is a definitely a good deal considering a good card reader is usually $15 a USB hub is around $10 and an iPhone dock is $20. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Griffin Simplifi Charge / Sync Dock for iPhone a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small


– Compact design
– Easy to use
– 3 products in one


– Card reader is a bit slow


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