Hands On With the First Ever AORUS Graphics Card

If you haven’t heard Gigabyte will be replacing their G1 Gaming line with AORUS. This means that in 2017 we’ll see AORUS motherboards and Graphics cards. At CES 2017 Gigabyte was showing off the first ever AORUS graphics card.

The card while does not have an official name yet it will be be a GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. The card keeps the “X” design that on its shroud that we saw on Gigabyte’s Xtreme Gaming line. The card is cooled by three cooling fans, they are setup with the two outer fans actually sit on top of the center fan. This allows Gigabyte to use larger cooling fans.


Flipping over to the back we have a full backplate. There is a full copper section of the backplate that sits below where your GPU is. There is also an AORUS logo on the back, which will light up with RGB lighting.


On the side of the card there is a another AORUS logo that will light up with RGB lights as well. The card’s fans will turn off when the GPU is idle, so there is a fan stop indicator that turns on when your fans become inactive.


Finally you have two HDMI ports on the end of the card. These are great for people who have cases that have HDMI ports on the front of their case for their VR headsets. No word yet on when this card will be available, but expect to see it on shelves very soon!


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