How VPNs Distinguish Themselves

Each and every VPN has some unique qualities that distinguish it from the rest. The market is flooded with VPN services and so each of them has to advance on something to attract clients. Clients choose different Private network services based on what suits them best. Different clients have different preferences on the kind of services they need. Some could highly consider cost, others could consider the speed and other qualities of VPNs.

It is understandable that different clients need VPNs for different reasons. Some may need VPN services that any kind of them could provide. Say like just switching the location of the browser. Basically, every VPN in Cool Tech Zone has a capability of doing this, so the client will probably consider the cost and the user-interface layout.

Here are some distinguishing characteristics:

  • Protocols;
  • Speed;
  • Cost/price User interface;
  • Servers available;
  • IP addresses available;
  • Number of countries you can switch to;
  • Kill switch;
  • Trial periods.

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Have you ever been in a group of nerds arguing about the best operating system? That’s nothing much. I wish you would listen to a nerd group arguing about what VPN protocols are the best and why. Different VPN providers offer different security protocols. New VPNs are also coming up with more complex security protocols. Hackers take time to learn about new protocols and before they get it all, another complex security protocol comes up


Speed is another distinguishing characteristic between VPNs. Every VPN claims to have the highest surfing speed, though we all know that some are fast than others. Clients love VPNs with high speed and therefore speed is an area that all providers want to ensure is perfect to attract more customers. Different Private Networks use different technology thus the difference in speed.


Despite that cost of the VPNs is mostly proportional to the services it provides, some of them lower the price to attract more customers. This is completely understandable because there are very many Private network providers. Each VPN company has to come up with creative deals with its customers.

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IP Addresses Available

Different Private network providers have a different range of ip addresses that they offer to their clients. Some have a lot of them whereas others just have a few ranges of unique IP addresses. They all look forward to having the highest range as that really attracts a lot of clients as compared to having just a few addresses to choose from.

Number of Countries

Countries come in two aspects. The first one is if the VPN can be used in your country and the second one is if you have a variety of countries to switch to. All the VPNs struggle to be the best and to have a lot of switch locations

Always, one VPN outweighs the others in one or more aspects. It is always like a competition to be the best service providers. Every day we get new updates on different advancements in the quality of services offered by different VPNs.

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