HTC 10 Smartphone Review

Final Thoughts
This has been a really fun review for me. Phones are not something we typically review and my only real experience seeing new phone technology is either at CES or if I happen to pop in a store at the mall. HTC still has a very large user-base, especially with the popularity of their older iconic models. Lately their phones have left a lot to be desired, but they wanted to change that with the HTC 10, and I really think they did that.

There really is not much to dislike about the HTC 10. One thing that really stood out about the phone was its build quality. It is a solid phone, made with aluminum and you can tell. It has some good weight to it too, which I really like. The phone feels good in your hand and I never once had a moment where I felt uncomfortable using it.

One of the better things about this phone is the camera, I really enjoyed shooting with it. The Pro mode is also really cool, especially the ability to shoot in RAW. When it comes to video you can shoot at 4K with 24-bit audio, which is really impressive.

The Sense 8 interface that sits on top of Android Marshmallow is definitely better than some of the other interface’s I’ve seen from LG and Samsung. It is quite easy to navigate as well as customize. The BlinkFeed is really cool too, it definitely keeps you updated on the things you care about.

I guess the big question is since am I an iPhone user will I be giving my iPhone 6s up for the HTC 10? Likely not. My iPhone 6s has a better camera for shooting photos in my opinion and seems to shoot faster as well. Also I do prefer the iOS interface over the Sense 8 interface.

I do feel that the HTC 10 is a great option if you are in the Android ecosystem, especially if you are a fan of HTC products.

– Solid quality build
– Good overall performance
– Great camera
– Can shoot 4K video with 24-bit audio

– Does not come with headphones
– Does not want me to ditch my iPhone 6s

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