Humble Bundle’s Jingle Jam 2019 Will Give You Great Games All December for Just $1 Per Day!

Humble Bundle’s Jingle Jam is back for another year, you’ll be able to get great games every day in December and support charity for just $1 per day! If you aren’t familiar with Humble Bundle, it allows gamers to purchase bundles of games for however much money they want (besides below the minimum). What is great about the Jingle Jam this year is 100% of the proceeds are going to charity! So you not only get some great games, but you support charity as well!

jingle jam 2019

If you purchase the Jingle Jam bundle for $30 or more you’ll receive new games every day until December 20th. The bundle is said to contain $708 worth of “awesome stuff” and as of writing 31,862 bundles have been sold and over a million dollars have been raised for charity!

You can grab the bundle here!

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