HyperX Cloud III Gaming Headset Review

Setup & Software

Getting the HyperX Cloud III setup and ready to use is extremely easy. If you don’t plan to use it on a USB device you can just plug it into that device and start using it. If you want to use it with a PC or other USB device just plug the 3.5mm cable into the 3.5mm to USB adapter cable and then plug that cable into your PC. Your PC will recognize the headset and it will appear as an audio device ready to use in Windows.

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From here you can use the headset no problem. HyperX does however offer their NGENUITY Windows application. I would say this application is pretty limited. Here you can adjust the volume, microphone volume, turn on microphone monitoring, spatial sound, and enable the equalizer. The 10-band equalizer does have some built-in presets and allows you to create your own.

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I have been using the HyperX Cloud III as my main audio device at my computer for the past few weeks. So my usage included listening to music while working, using them to edit videos, and of course for gaming.

The first thing you’ll notice immediately when you put the headset on is actually how comfortable it is. This is really what the Cloud headsets have been known for a why I always end up making a Cloud headset my go-to headset. The leatherette finish on the earcups with the memory foam just works. On top of that the amount of memory foam on the headband seems to be just right. I had multiple very long gaming sessions with the Cloud III and I my ears nor the top of my head felt any strain or were uncomfortable.

Most of my gaming time with the Cloud III was playing Apex Legends. I was actually quite surprised at the location accuracy and that is without Spatial Sound turned on. Turning it on made things even better. I was able to pin-point the location of my enemies, even to know if they were above or below me in the same building, which is really impressive.

When it came to listening to music I was less impressed. This headset really doesn’t give you that umph as other headsets I’ve tested. When listening to rap and hip hop music the bass really sounded flat. While you can go into the equalizer and set something like the Bass Boost preset I would prefer to use another headset when listening to music on the Cloud III.

When it comes to the microphone I would say the microphone on the Cloud III is pretty good, not the best we’ve heard from a wired gaming headset, but pretty good overall. It is definitely an improvement over previous HyperX Cloud headsets. Below you can hear what it sounds like as well as samples from quite a lot of gaming headsets that we’ve tested in the past.

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