iBUYPOWER Slate 9200 Gaming Desktop Review

Final Thoughts
So after spending a considerable amount of time using this system I do have to say its a great system. iBUYPOWER has outfitted it with some of the latest components, assembled everything, and has even hooked up some awesome RGB lighting. The system came to use very quickly and we found no issues at all with it once it had arrived. Since this is a system that Amazon carries you don’t have to wait for iBUYPOWER to build it, it will ship right away! If you are an Amazon Prime member you can have this system in as little as two days!

When it comes to performance Intel’s Core i7-8700K matched up with the GeForce GTX 1070 is a great combo. You’ll have no problem with simple productivity tasks and even photo editing and video editing will be a breeze. On the gaming side this system will be able to handle 1080p and 1440p and the highest settings. When it comes to 4K if you want to get over 60 FPS you’ll need to turn down your settings a bit, but it is possible.

I think the biggest thing when it comes to this system is that it is actually cheaper than buying these parts retail! Creating the exact same system on PCPartPicker puts us at $1756.93 (at the time of writing), and that is without a case, RGB strip, and keyboard / mouse! iBUYPOWER’s Slate 9200 sells for $1499.00 on Amazon, and it is fully assembled for you!

If you are looking to getting a new system whether you planned on building your own or you wanted a pre-built system the iBUYPOWER Slate 9200 is a solid choice!

– Lower cost than building it yourself
– Can get the system very quickly
– Dual tempered glass and RGB lighting
– Can easily handle 1080p and 1440p gaming

– No real fans with the system

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