ICY DOCK MB991IK-B 2.5-inch SATA Bay Enclosure Review

Today we will be using HD Tune Pro to test read and write speeds on a G.Skill Phoenix Pro 60GB solid state drive, which we previously reviewed. First I will show the bench marks of the drive before it is in the Icy Dock MB911IK-B. With the read speeds being pretty good for a normal SSD with the average being  189 MB/s  and the highest being  199 MB/s was pretty good overall, along with a access time of 0.2 ms .


Writing proved to be just as good as the reading speeds just about as normal as a SSD drive can be. With a average of 144 MB/s And a Max of 230 MB/s. Along with a access time of 0.2 ms


Now we are going to move onto the SSD in the Icy Dock enclosure. First again I will start off with the read while in the Icy Dock.  The average speed was 198 MB/s and Max was 229 MB/s. Pretty good just a little better then it was in straight plugged into the computer.


Well now for the write test while in the Icy Dock.  The average speed was 147 MB/s and the highest speed was 236 MB/s.  Again it was just little bit higher then the drive being plugged straight in.