Intel 14th Gen Core “Meteor Lake-S” Spotted Again; This Time In Management Engine Update

Known as the MTL-S, the Meteor Lake-S is Intel’s newest series for next generation core CPUs. Based on the latest process node of Intel 4, this series is going to come with a new concept of ‘flexible tiled architecture’. This new architecture allows for separated tiles each dedicated to GPU, CPU, and SOC. For the CPU, Intel is sticking to the hybrid architecture where it is keeping both efficient as well as performance cores. However, we are still to hear more on the exact configurations for both mobile as well as desktop Meteor CPUs.

Intel Meteor lake CPU

It is a common practice for Intel to showcase mobile CPUs at public events, but as for the desktop package of the Meteor Lake, we might still have to wait for some time. We are yet to see Meteor Lake for desktops, however, Intel has confirmed that the thermal range will fall between 5 to 125W. The Alder Lake-HX which is a desktop-class-mobile series has made us question whether this kind of TDP can be taken for a desktop platform or not.

Intel Meteor Lake

We are hoping to get more details on Hot Chips 34 in August as Intel has announced that it will discuss more about the Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake series. This is more likely going to be an architecture overview of the mobile platform which is scheduled to launch next year. Everyone’s most trusted leakster @kopite7kimi is of the view that the Meteor Lake-S for desktops will not launch before 2024. Others have differentiating opinions over whether there will be a desktop Meteor Lake or not.


Via VideoCardz