Intel 14th Gen Core non-K “Raptor Lake Refresh Lineup To Feature 200 MHz Higher Clocks

Renowned hardware leaker chi11eddog, known for accurate predictions in the past, has recently substantiated additional specifications of the highly anticipated Intel 14th Gen desktop CPUs. The initial list was incomplete regarding clock information, but the recent update fills in the gaps and reiterates the absence of a 6-core Core i3 in this new generation.

IMG 6750

The major highlight is that almost the entire 14th Gen Core series lineup will see a 200 MHz increase, except for the Core i5-14400 model, which gets a 100 MHz boost over the 13400. Additionally, non-K models are expected to reach up to 5.8 GHz on the Core i9-14900 series, making it the highest clock for 65W models. As previously leaked, the K-series will have an impressive 6.0 GHz boost, and there’s a possibility of a special edition reaching 6.2 GHz, although this hasn’t been confirmed by other leaks yet.

A notable alteration is that only one SKU will experience a core count upgrade, going from 16 to 20 cores. The Core i7-14700 will now feature 12 Efficient cores instead of 8, representing the most significant improvement over the 13th Gen series.

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Furthermore, the speculations regarding a possible 6-core Core i3-14100 have proven to be inaccurate. The revised list confirms that this particular part will have four cores and a boost clock of up to 4.7 GHz, reaffirming a modest 200 MHz increase without any architecture changes.

The anticipated launch for Intel’s 14th Gen Core series is set for October, while the non-K models are projected to be released early next year, with a possible announcement at CES 2024.