Intel Announces 800W Rialto Bridge Next-Gen Data Center GPU Featuring Up To 160 Xe-Cores

We might have already heard of the Rialto Bridge, which is the codename given to the successor of Ponte Vecchio. It is expected to be launched towards the end of this year. This news had been rumored first in March when we first heard about this codename. Rialto Bridge is the next-gen HPC accelerator and more of an evolution of the Ponte Vecchio. It will feature 160 Xe-Cores.


We are hearing directly from Intel that their new GPU is going to come with enhanced tiles on top of the next process node. Not just that, it will boast an increased density, efficiency as well as performance. Intel has decided to stay silent on the kind of node that the Rialto Bridge will use but we are quite sure that it is the Intel 4.

As compared to the Ponte Vecchio, the Rialto has 25% more cores at a count of 160. The increase in the I/O bandwidth has also been confirmed by Intel itself. And it is very probable that it will feature an HBM3 memory, making the Rialto Bridge the second HPC GPU to feature this type of memory after the NVIDIA Hopper. Moreover, it comes with an OAM v2 form factor which supports 800W. The good news is that many of Ponte Vecchio’s subsystems will be compatible with the Rialto.


Intel has confirmed that the Rialto Bridge’s sampling will start towards the mid of 2023 but no specific date has been mentioned so far.

Via VideoCardz