MSI Introduces Titan GT77 and Vector GP76 Gaming Laptops Featuring Up To Core i9-12900HX And RTX 3080 Ti Graphics

MSI is gearing up to launch its new TITAN, VECTOR, RAIDER, and CREATOR laptops very soon.

There are four new designs which feature the 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-HX processors by Intel and a range of graphics cards which goes to the latest RTX 3080 Ti graphics by NVIDIA. This is one of the best configurations we have seen for gaming so far.


However, the similarities don’t just end here. In addition to featuring the same processors and graphics cards, these laptops all boost power for the GPU and CPU subsystems, taking it up to 250W.

The Core i9-12900HX 16-core CPU alone has the power to generate up to 150W. As for MSI, they haven’t yet confirmed the TDP for the RTX 3080 Ti graphics card. But what we can tell is that it is going to be the top variant with a TGP of 150W.


MSI has confirmed that the Titan GT77 is going to come with a 4K 120Hz screen and a mechanical Cherry MX keyboard. A similar 4K panel will be featured on the other systems as well or maybe the QHD 240 Hz displays which will give the option of OLED for the 15 inches Raider.

One drawback as such is the weight of these laptops but gaming laptops are never meant to be ultra portable. The 15 inches Raider is going to weigh 2.4 kg whereas the Titan would weigh 3.1 kg. We should be somewhat thankful that Titan has managed to get down to 3.1 as the previous versions weighed a massive 4.1 kg.

Moving on to the CreatorPro X17, we see a similar chassis as Titan along with similar features. The major change here is that the GeForce RTX graphics have been replaced by RTX Workstation series which go up to A5500 16GB.

MSI NB Titan GT77 photo22 for KV scaled videocardz

MSI has not disclosed any information regarding price and availability.

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