SAPPHIRE Officially Announces Its First ‘Non RX’ RDNA2 Graphics Card; Radeon 6700

Soon after a leak earlier today, Sapphire has already confirmed and revealed the latest Radeon 6000 card. Say hello to the 6700 minus the RX.
The 6700 features 2304 stream processors and has a total of 36 compute units. As the name suggests, most of the features and specs of the 6700 are similar to the mobile RX 6700M. Even the memory configuration, which was quite unusual when announced for the RX6700, is exactly the same at 10 GB spread across a 160-bit interface. The clock speed remains the same at 16 Gbps. The only differentiating spec is the TGP which stands at 220W, significantly higher than the TGP of the RX 6700 which was 135W.

SAPPHIRE Radeon 6700 10GB PULSE 2Image: Videocardz

As per previous reports, Sapphire has announced two cards. We already know one of them is Pulse but the name of the other one still remains a mystery. Both the cards will have the same clock speeds of 2230 for the game and 2495 for boost. This is enough of a hint to assume that this is surely the AMD reference clock speed.

SAPPHIRE Radeon 6700 10GB PULSE 1 SAPPHIRE Radeon 6700 10GB 1

This is going to be the first desktop RDNA card which comes without the RX moniker. Though unusual but it is obvious that the company doesn’t want to market this card like all the others. Till today the TBP also remained a mystery but Sapphire has now confirmed it to be 220W. both cards will be powered using a single 8-pin power connector.


There has been no announcement regarding the MSRP of the cards so far.

Via VideoCardz