Toshiba Announces DT02 7200rpm 2TB HDD With SMR Technology

Toshiba has just announced the DT02 7200rpm 2TB, its newest 3.5 inches HDD which is based on the SMR technology and comes with a 256 MB cache. This newest addition comes as part of the company’s existing DT02 series which was specially designed for desktop PCs and external hard drives. This model can achieve a maximum speed transfer of 210 MB/second and features 7200 rpm for its high-speed rotation. The cache as we have already mentioned has come quite a long way as compared to other conventional models.


Let’s shed a little light on the SMR technology we just talked about. Known as the Shingled Magnetic Recording, this technology allows the HDD manufacturers to marginally increase the capacity of the platter drives which are in spinning motion during work. This increase is usually quite a jump from the normal approaches which most HDDs have. Toshiba is one such manufacturer which is making use of this technology to the best of its advantage.


The benefits of the SMR technology don’t just end here. It is recognized widely for its ability to impact the write speeds of the HDD, even more so in cases where there is more focus on continuous writing. This explains why Toshiba ensures that its products are customized to specific use cases and varying workloads.

The DT02 7200rpm 2TB is expected to start shipping from this month. It consumes only 2.9W in power and weighs a total of 450 grams.