Intel Announces Arc GPU and Core CPU Bundles

Intel has just released a new blog post introducing Intel Arc Balanced Builds. This initiative combines Intel Arc GPUs with Intel Core CPUs to create well-matched configurations. The prices start at $423 for the GPU and CPU, and $899 for the complete system. Intel assures that these combinations are the result of extensive testing, involving thousands of test runs and hundreds of hours in the lab, which generated 15,000 datapoints and 22 GB of data.

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Intel’s own testing covers a wide range of Intel Core processors, various configurations, and different games. They have identified the ideal CPU range for the entry-level Intel Arc A380 graphics card, as well as the Intel Arc A750 and Arc A770 graphics cards. While there is always the option for the best configuration with an ample budget, creating a balanced build makes more sense for many users.

Based on Intel’s data, the Intel Arc A380 graphics card reaches its CPU limit when paired with a Core i3 and certain Core i5 CPUs. On the other hand, the Intel Arc A750 and Arc A770 graphics cards can achieve optimal performance when paired with a Core i5 or Core i7 CPU from the 12th and 13th generations. Intel’s testing also reveals that graphics cards like the Arc A750 exhibit minimal CPU sensitivity when using the DirectX 12 API, delivering comparable results on the Core i5-12400F CPU as with higher-end CPUs.

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Intel emphasized that it has made notable performance enhancements to its Arc A-series graphics cards through driver updates, Game On support, and Xe Super Sampling. These improvements have particularly benefited DirectX 9, resulting in an average increase of 43 percent more frames per second (FPS) in games like CS:GO.

To facilitate easy access to Intel GPU + CPU bundles and pre-built systems, Intel has partnered with various retailers/e-tailers and system builders worldwide. Notable partners include Amazon, Newegg, Maingear, CyberpowerPC, PCSpecialist, ECOM, and others. A comprehensive list of partners can be found on Intel’s bundle website. This collaboration ensures that customers can find discounted bundles and fully assembled systems based on these configurations.

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