Intel Arc A750 GPU Price Dropped To $249, Gets Performance Improvements Via New Driver Update

To compete with the GeForce RTX 3060, Intel reduced the price of its mid-range GPU. The GPU manufacturer has cut the price of the A750 GPU to $249 in the United States, which is $30 less than when it was introduced. The price drop will be implemented globally, but Intel has not disclosed prices for additional regions.

Intel has released enhancements to its 4086 drivers (although the latest driver is 4091). The Arc A750 GPU is rumoured to provide 10% to 77% more performance. In comparison to the launch drivers from a few months ago, the new driver dramatically boosts frame rates. In addition, the FPS percentile has risen.

Intel asserts that the Arc A750 GPU now provides 52% more performance per dollar than the NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU. Those are Intel-supplied figures, which have not yet been validated by independent media. The RTX 3060 now costs roughly $391, which is considerably more than the Arc A750.

The vast majority of Intel Arc GPUs are readily accessible at MSRP; thus, the $249 price point should be easily translatable to retail pricing. At this pricing, NVIDIA will be forced to emphasise the mid-range category, which, unfortunately, has not been the case for a long time.

The new pricing announcement was accompanied by the release of a new game package, with select Arc A-series GPUs now including complimentary copies of The Settlers: New Allies and Nightingale.

Via Wccftech