NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Tested In 3DMark

The newly introduced RTX 6000 ADA graphics card from NVIDIA is featured in a Reddit discussion. This is the most potent AD102 GPU model currently available on the market. However, the RTX 6000 ADA is not a gaming card. NVIDIA has a distinct range of workstation models developed for this specific purpose. This is why this card has a substantially lower TDP (300W) than RTX 4090 (450W).

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According to a Redditor, the card operates at 85°C with fans at roughly 70%, and it is not louder than the RTX A6000 (the predecessor). Although it may appear excessive, it is important to understand that this is a blower-type cooler, and these cards are built to perform under severe loads for an extended period.

The RTX A6000 ADA has 18176 CUDA cores, 10% more than the RTX 4090’s 1792 cores. A greater number of cores and lower TDP are not the sole distinctions. This workstation card is packed with 48GB of 20 Gbps GDDR6 memory; therefore, its effective bandwidth is just 48 GB/s lower than that of the RTX 4090.

The card scored 30518 points in 3DMark TimeSpy Graphics and is 15% slower than RTX 4090, according to the exclusive screenshot provided. However, it may reach 36,000 points before a Windows upgrade, according to reports. However, 3DMark performance is now all over the place, and we do not know if the customer was utilizing the most recent drivers.

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The 6000 ADA should at least meet the RTX 4090 scores, but because of its restricted TDP, it may have difficulty outperforming more intensive tasks. With reports of a future RTX 4090 Ti containing the same number of cores, this could indicate why this upcoming flagship gaming GPU may need close to 600W.

Via Reddit