First Commercially Available PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD Is Really Loud

Japanese tech enthusiast @momomo_us was among the first to install a commercially available PCIe Gen5 SSD. CFD Gaming now offers the first NVMe SSD compatible with the new PCI Express standard. While the platforms that support this technology have been available to consumers for a good year, SSD manufacturers are in no hurry.

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Even months after AMD and Intel introduced their latest, up-to-date platforms with extended support for PCIe Gen5 devices, there is hardly any such SSD on the market.

The 2TB CFD storage is the first in the Japanese retail market with more storage options coming later. To overcome the heating problem, CFD placed a heatsink with a small fan on it. It is not clear if this storage can be used with the motherboard’s heatsink.

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As pointed out by @momomo_us, the fan will run at a very high speed during the test, much louder than the original Intel cooler for the Core i7-13700K processor used for this test. This is likely due to high usage during memory testing, one might imagine it wouldn’t be too noisy, but that’s what consumers can expect when moving a lot of data.

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A quick test with CrystalDiskMark confirms that the storage can easily exceed the 10GB/s sequential read and write speeds promised by the manufacturer. However, it should be noted that smaller capacities will have slightly lower write speeds (~9.5 GB/s). This 2TB CFD storage is currently available in Japan for around $385.

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