PowerColor RX 7900 XTX Liquid Devil has been pictured

PowerColor’s first RX 7000 graphics card with water cooling has been pictured. Today, CornerJack from Overclocking.com released the very first images of the new graphics card. The Liquid Devil includes a pre-installed EK-designed water block. The apparent disadvantage is that it needs an existing liquid loop to function, but people who were already going to add a water block to their RX 7900 card can now purchase this card instead.

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Photographs reveal that the card uses a custom-designed circuit board with three 8-pin power connections. This most likely indicates the same board architecture as the Red Devil, with three fans for cooling. Although Overclocking only obtained an RX 7900 XTX model, PowerColor is expected to release an XT variation in the future. The XTX variant includes a whole Navi 31 GPU and 24GB of RAM. As this is not the first Liquid Devil, it is reasonable to presume that this variant will be factory overclocked and offer dual BIOS features.

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CornerJack’s images provide no more information, although they do depict an EK leak teaser kit, which may be included with the card. In addition, the backplate of the entire cover is developed particularly for this model. Since Liquid Devil is currently in the hands of reviewers, it is reasonable to believe that the complete test results will be published soon. However, it is unknown how many of these cards were made and sent to the media.

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