Intel Arc Alchemist Desktop GPU Series Will Feature Three SKUs

Chiphell has shared blurry images of Intel’s upcoming DG2-128 discrete desktop graphics under Alchemist a### series. The photo looks quite similar to the official and unofficial pictures of the DG2 family.

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Intel has already shared the design of its entry-level DG2-128EU GPU and the flagship 512EU. Intel’s board partners might find it difficult to make custom cooling solution designs since the company has both dies that are not centered on the GPU package. The website claims that the card is very short and has a typical board consumption of 65W which is even lower than what was expected from the leaked slide where it was mentioned that a SOC2 card is under 75W. It is stated that the card has 6GB GDDR6 RAM.

Earlier this year, Igor’sLAB shared a board schematics for mobile DG2-128 GPU / Alder Lake design. The photo can be used for a quick comparison. It looks like the mobile variant’s memory will be located a bit closer to the GPU, and will lack one module too. This means that the mobile GPU might be using a 128-bit or 64-bit interface while the desktop variant will have a 96-bit interface.

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The complete Intel Alchemist series also includes a 384EU model which Intel hasn’t confirmed yet. As per Moore’s Law is Dead, the Desktop Intel Arc Alchemist series will have up to three SKUs while mobile GPUs are rumored to have five models.


Twitter user Locuza has marked the official DG2-128 die shot. It looks like the GPU will offer 96-bit memory through 32+64-bit controllers.