Intel Compute Stick (2nd Generation) Review

Setup & General Usage
Getting the Intel Compute Stick setup and running is extremely easy. First plug it into any HDMI display. You can either used the included HDMI extension cable or plug it directly into your HDMI device. I opted to plug it right in as I have easy access to the back of this display (to turn the Compute Stick on) and there was actually room for it. Next plug in the power and any USB devices.

Intel Compute Stick

When you power the Compute Stick on for the first time you will have to run through the Windows 10 initial setup, which takes about 5 minutes.


After that you are brought to the Windows 10 desktop and you are good to go! Upon first inspection we can see that With Windows installed we have about 19.5 GB of space remaining.


If you want to get a Bluetooth device installed (using the onboard Bluetooth) you can actually do it in the BIOS or within Windows. Sadly you will need some type of wired keyboard to set everything up. Within Windows 10 you can get into your Bluetooth devices and add your device. I had no problem getting my Mad Catz S.T..R.I.K.E. M Bluetooth keyboard connected to the Compute Stick.

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