Intel Core i3-12100F, i5-12400F Alder Lake-S CPUs Will Not Feature Efficient Cores

Intel Core i5-12400F and  i3-12100F are the first Alder Lake-S CPUs not to feature any Efficient cores.

According to the marketing materials received for the upcoming Alder Lake-S non-K series CPUs, the 12100F, 12400F, and 12700F are representatives from each of the 12th Gen Core Alder Lake sub-series. These CPUs come with the Laminar RM1 stock cooler rated for 65W TDP.

Intel Alder Lake S NonK 2

A Leaker claims that Core i3-12100F will be equipped with 4 cores and will feature 8 threads. This is a typical configuration for a high-end CPU. Previous leaks suggest that it will boost up to 4.3 GHz.

Intel Alder Lake S NonK 1

We also have all the information about Core i5-12400F and i7-12700F. The first CPU will feature 6 cores along with 12 threads. This tends to be the complete implementation of the second Alder Lake desktop silicon variant(named H0). The i7-12700F will have similar features to the already-released K variant, except for having a lower frequency and TDP. The Performance cores are said to boost up to 4.9 GHz(100 MHz lower than 12700K).

Intel Laminar RM1 Alder Lake S 65W Cooler 1

Many more of the Alder Lake CPUs are expected to launch in January, just after the official CES 2022 conference.

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