Intel Core i5-11600K Processor Review

What is New With Rocket Lake?

Intel’s 11th Gen Core processors are built on the new Rocket Lake microarchitecture, which brings with it a slew of new enhancements and features. Rocket Lake is still built on Intel’s 14nm fabrication process, but hopefully this is the last 14nm desktop processor we see from Intel. Intel says that you’ll see up to a 19% IPC improvement, 50% better integrated graphics performance, and new AI integration with Rocket Lake.

intel rocketlake deck 1

intel rocketlake deck 2

Launching with Rocket Lake processors is the new Intel Z590 Chipset. One of the biggest changes you’ll see here is support for PCI-Express 4.0, so as long as you are running an 11th Gen Core processor you’ll get Gen4 support on select PCI-Express and M.2 slots. You are also going to get USB 3.2 gen 2×2 from the chipset itself.

intel rocketlake deck 3

For those wondering what the entire 11th Gen Core desktop product stack looks like here it is!

intel rocketlake deck 5

intel rocketlake deck 6

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