Intel Core i5 661 Dual Core LGA 1156 Processor Review

Testing – Photoshop
Next I did some “real world” testing using Photoshop. I used Driver Heaven’s Photoshop Bench, a script that runs a series of filters on a large .jpg. The benchmark has 15 steps, I am only showing results of some of the longer running ones as some of the filters take only a second or two and don’t really show much.


Again the i5 661 outperformed the Phenom X3, and again we really saw a difference with the overclock on the i5.

Testing – Futuremark
Next I ran my favorite Futuremark tests. As 3D graphics play only part in PCMark Vantage scoring, I decided to show the Phenom II’s score, but as I said before I won’t be showing any scores due to the GTX 260 in the Phenom system. I had no idea what kind of 3D graphics performance I would see.




No, there aren’t any mistakes in the graphs. Though I really didn’t expect much 3D goodness, it is quite obvious that the onboard VGA on the i5 661 is not intended for 3D gaming. I normally test a few DX10 games, but I didn’t see the point in trying to see whether or not Crysis would play even at the lowest settings.