Intel Core i5 661 Dual Core LGA 1156 Processor Review

Testing – Benchmarks
To test the performance and stability of the Intel Core i5 662, I ran my favorite series of benchmarks. I had no idea whatsoever what kind of numbers I would get, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the i5 661 to the only processor I had available with less than four cores, the AMD Phenom X3 720 Black Edition. The only tests I will be comparing are the CPU tests, as the AMD rig used a powerful video card.

Intel Core processors always do well with SuperPi, and the LGA 1366/LGA 1156 processors do very well. But I must admit, this was really a surprise. The overclock time is .8 seconds better than my LGA 1366 i7 with a 40% overclock, and only a second slower than the fastest time I have ever gotten.

The numbers were about as I had expected, the i5 did perform better than the Phenom X3, most tests significantly better. Keep in mind that the Phenom has an extra core. The OpenGL test on Cinebench10 probably was affected by the VGA. The overclock really gave us a performance increase.

I didn’t have the Phenom’s numbers for Sandra Memory Bandwidth. I was running the memory at DDR3-1066, so I expected the bandwidth to be a little low. My LGA 1156 i7 usually has a memory bandwidth in the 16-17GB/s range, so this may be very low.