Intel Core i5-8400 Processor Review

Yesterday we took a look at Intel’s flagship 8th Generation Core Desktop processor, the Core i7-8700K. While that processor sits at the top of the product stack, today we are checking out one of the new Core i5 chips. It is the Core i5-8400 which is the only other 8th Generation Core i5 chip besides the Core i5-8600K. For the first time we are also seeing a 6-core Core i5 chips, much like the new i7’s. This means we are going to see a nice performance increase over the previous generation. The Core i5-8400 has six cores, six threads (since no HyperThreading), a base clock of 2.8 GHz and boosts up to 4.0 GHz. Unlike the K-series chips you have a lower TDP of only 65W. This chip also comes in at a very attractive price point of only $182. Let’s take it for a spin and see how it does!

Special thanks to Intel for providing us with the Core i7-8700K Processor to review.

Currently there are only two Core i5 chips in the 8th Generation lineup. Check out the entire lineup below.

8th gen 1

Our processor came directly from Intel so we do not have any retail package to show you, but here is what the new mainstream Core i5 box will look like. What do you guys think?

8th Gen Intel Core i5 8400

The new 8th Generation chips look pretty much identical to 7th Generation, here is a shot of the front.

Intel Core i5-8400

If we flip the chip over we can get a shot of the back.

Intel Core i5-8400

While this chip is the same size as the previous generation you will be required to purchase a new motherboard to run it. This is because it actually has more more pins responsible for delivering the main power for the CPU cores. So unlike when “Kaby Lake” was released you will not be able to flash your Z270 motherboard and have it run a “Coffee Lake” chip. Many new Z370 motherboards have been announced, luckily the mounting points around the socket are the same so your current LGA115x CPU cooler will work here.

Intel Core i5-8400

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