Intel Core i9-10910 chip made exclusively for Apple shows up on Geekbench

While Apple has announced its move to its own silicon for future Macs, they still have plans for a few Intel Mac computers. Intel’s Core i9-10910, which is made exclusively for these coming Macs, was recently benchmarked.

The Intel Core i9-10910 has a base frequency of 3.60 GHz, and a boost clock of 5 GHz. In comparison, the i9-10900 has a base clock of 2.90 GHz and a boost of 5.20 GHz. The new leak was posted by Twitter user Leakbench and shows the Intel Core i9-10910’s performance on Geekbench 5. Take a look:

Intel Core i9-10910 GeekBench

In terms of single-threaded performance, the Intel Core i9-10910 outperforms the i9-10900 by 6.9%, while lacking in multi-core by 9.6%. In any case, it’s custom-designed for Apple, so it must fit the performance spec requested by the company.

The chip ships in the latest 27-inch iMac refresh Apple just released, so you can own one now if you want to. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments, down below!

Via TechPowerUp

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