Microsoft’s new Xbox Series S Console Leaked Via Controller Packaging

The Xbox Series S is the affordable next-gen console to be released by Microsoft this month. The leaked pictures show a white controller of the Xbox Series S in its complete packaging. The package seems to be legit as Twitter user Zak S was able to get his hands on the controller.

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The controller is compatible with both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles as per the content written on the side of the packaging. It was available on an e-store for purchase.

On the other hand Microsoft has not officially announced the flagship Series S console, nor any announcement has been made for the white Xbox Series X controller.

Microsoft has finalized the Xbox Series S as its second affordable next-gen console.
A leaked official document also gave some details regarding the upcoming consoles. Xbox Series X was leaked in June. As per the related documents, there is a developer mode in Series X named “Dante”. It has a special performance mode that Microsoft will be bringing into its console.

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The “Lockhart” console can expect a 7.5Gb consumable RAM along with 4 teraflops of Graphical Performance. It will have the same Processor as the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S is to be released by Microsoft in August as per the news. It will be included in the Xbox All Access Subscription that combines the Xbox Console and all the console games for a monthly fee.