Intel Core i9-12900K Is Allegedly 27% Faster Than Ryzen 9 5950X According To CPU-Z Single-Thread Benchmark

With Intel’s Innovation event getting closer, we are coming across new leaks every day regarding 12th Gen Core CPUs codenamed Alder Lake-S, which the company is expected to unveil at the event.

CPU Z ST Performance

Yesterday, the SiSoftware Sandra leak emerged, which had preliminary data from reviewers. The Core i9-12900K showed strong AVX2 performance but lacked details in comparison to Core i9-11900K. Take note that this is early data that is not obtained through independent and professional testing. At the beginning of the week, we got an idea of Core i9-12900K’s in Cinebench R20 and R23. This leak is the initial indication that Alder Lake’s flagship variant might have the best single-thread performance among all the present desktop CPUs considering the synthetic benchmarks are considered.

The same strong single-core/thread performance has appeared on the CPU-Z test, which emerged through the Bilibili leak. As far as the scores are concerned, the Alder Lake CPU scored 825 points, which is 27% higher than AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. Although the CPU was unnamed, it is clear that it has 24 threads, which is the configuration of Core i9-12900K (16C/24T).

Intel Core i9 12900K CPUZ

The scores mean the CPU will outperform all CPUs in the official ranking, with almost 20% performance gain over Rocket Lake-S i9-11900K. Unfortunately, multi-thread performance was blurred out, but it can be seen that the blue bar has the same width as the purple bar (5950X), which means that both CPUs will have identical performance.

Via Bilibili