Intel Core i9-13900K CPU Overclocked By ASUS Breaking The 9 GHz Barrier

With Intel’s newest desktop CPU the Core i9-13900K, Jon “Elmor” Sandström and his team became the first to overcome the 9 GHz frequency barrier.

It was just a question of time. During a world record attempt, the i9-13900K CPU hit a high frequency of 9008.82 MHz. As per the rules of the competition, this accomplishment has already been announced on HWBOT and is currently the new world record. This was made possible by the enhanced signaling and VRMs on the ASUS Z790 ROG APEX motherboard, which allowed for extremely high overclocks.

Remember that this is only the frequency of one of the eight Performance cores and not the overall clock speed of the processor. Notably, this accomplishment comes precisely two months after the same overclocker broke 8812 GHz on the same CPU.

SkatterBencher helped Elmor set a new world record by confirming the CPU temperature went down to -250.2 degrees Celsius.

Elmor is a member of the ASUS overclocking team. There have been at least 14 world records claimed by the manufacturer using the Z790 APEX motherboard.