Intel Has Revealed That Intel Core i9-13900KS Has 150W Base TDP

The top-tier Intel Core i9-13900KS model will soon be available. The CPU has only recently made its debut in an official Intel video. Whatever the case may be, the CPU will be released with a basic TDP of 150W.

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As reported by @harukaze5719, the CPU-Z specifications are displayed as part of the 9 GHz overclocking achievement video. In the 17-minute video, the i9-13900KS CPU is featured twice, so it should be easy to notice. The i9-13900K product name, however, makes it apparent that the KS variant is just a pre-binned version of the current desktop model.

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The CPU is listed as having a maximum TDP of 150W; however, this is only the processor base power (PL1) settings, and the maximum turbo power (MTP/PL2) settings, which still need to be confirmed, are very definitely higher. The 13900KS, which will be the first desktop 6 GHz CPU, will be released early the next year. According to rumors, it may be launched on January 12. However, it is no secret that the CPU is now available to severe overclockers, which is how this knowledge became public.