Intel Haswell Notebooks Expected by End of May

The launch of the much awaited Intel Haswell powered Notebooks is very near. DigiTimes has brought good news to many customers who were waiting to own an Intel Haswell powered Notebook after announcing that the Notebooks will be available in the market by the end of May. Users have been waiting for the Haswell powered Notebooks since a long time, and the fact that the laptops have already been shipped to retail outlets, assures them that they will be able to own one very soon.

intel haswell logo

We are obviously not sure of the exact price of the laptops but one must expect a higher price bracket compared with the older models. Vendors have not yet disclosed as to how many laptops have been produced.

The interesting thing to observe would be how customers and experts react to the launch of Haswell Intel Laptops as we all know that they laptops will feature the ‘unpopular Windows 8’. Users have not really been happy with the performance of Windows 8 and this fact might actually hurt the sales figure of Intel Haswell powered Laptops. However, if they perform good, we must expect a good sales figure early on.

Intel has predicted that by the end of the year the demand of the Haswell powered computers will increase and become stable and they expect that out of all their shipments, Haswell powered computers will account for 20%. Intel is ready to release its Haswell processors which are said to be more power efficient than the Ivy Bridge processors and will surely provide solid graphics performance.

Source: DigiTimes | News Archive