Intel “Sapphire Rapids” CPU Coolers Are Now Available On Newegg

Intel Sapphire Rapids LGA4677 socket’s CPU coolers are now available on Newegg for less than 50 USD. If you don’t remember, these sockets are featured on the next-gen Xeon Scalable processors. The Dynatron S6 cooler which is compatible with the Sapphire Rapids CPUs rated till 300W is priced at around $50. The little glitch here is that these CPUs are not available as of yet and we don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Cooler

Just a few days ago it was confirmed by Intel that the volume ramp up for the Sapphire Rapids will be delayed than the original forecasted time. So far no public date has been shared by Intel but we have all reason to believe that the volume production is going to start next year rather than this year. The shipments of new Xeon CPUs will be delayed till Q2 of 2023. These were originally supposed to ship towards the end of last year.

Earlier this year in February, Intel claimed that the Sapphire Rapids will be delivered in Q1 this year. This wasn’t entirely wrong since the first shipment did go through and it was for the customers who are working with Intel to solve the glitches in the silicon. This information has been confirmed by EVP and GM for Intel Datacenter and AI Group, Sandra Rivera.


Surprisingly enough, the Intel Emeralds Rapids will launch sometime around the second half of 2023. This is the successor to the Sapphire and will be based on the same Intel 7 node. However, we are all left to wonder what the future might hold for the upcoming Xeon series after a volume shipment delay for Sapphire Rapids.

Via Newegg