Intel to Launch Its Discrete GPU Lineup Starting at $200

A recent interview of Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief architect and senior vice president of architecture, software and graphics was released by Russian YouTube channel called PRO Hi-Tech. In the interview Raja talks about why he left AMD, and where Intel is going with its discrete GPU attempts. One of the more notable comments by Koduri made during the interview was that Intel plans to release its first GPU as a mid-range model at a price of $200, while enterprise solutions will follow after that.

Koduri said that he wants to replicate AMD’s strategy of capturing high-volume price-points, such as the $199 Radeon RX 480. Intel wants to bring an affordable good performing GPU to the masses – “GPUs for everyone” as he calls them. He also noted that Intel’s current strategy revolves around price, not performance, providing the best possible value to consumers. Intel plans to launch a complete lineup of GPUs, with a common architecture being used for everything from iGPUs to data-center GPUs.

Via PRO Hi-Tech

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