Intel To Reportedly Cut CPU Prices in the 2nd Half of 2020

According to the latest reports Intel is likely to cut prices of its CPUs in the second half of this year. Intel has historically kept its price-cuts to a minimum, but with aggressive competition from AMD price-cuts will be coming. We’ve actually already saw this with the launch of their Cascade Lake-X CPUs, which were launched at 50% cheaper than their previous-gen counter-parts.

This was of course not the case back in the Phenom and especially Bulldozer days. With not real competition from AMD, Intel enforced a heavy hand on the market and in turn CPU pricing. Now with AMD much more revitalized and Intel’s issues with transitioning to the 10nm node has left them with no choice but to cut prices on their CPUs to remain competitive.

Intel has never been one to reduce pricing on current inventory, so we can expect these price-cuts to come with the launch of new products like we saw with the Cascade Lake-X CPUs.

Via DigiTimes

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