Intel Unexpectedly Discontinues Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition

Intel has made an unexpected announcement, stating that it will discontinue the shipment of Arc A770 Limited Edition GPUs. This decision specifically impacts Intel-branded GPUs labeled as “Limited Edition,” with the A770 SKU being the current focus. It is important to note that this change does not affect board partner designs, as they will continue as planned. Intel will continue supplying silicon to these companies, maintaining their previous practices, as confirmed by PC Gamer.

IMG 6061

Out of Intel’s limited GPU offerings, the A770 LE stood out by being one of the few models equipped with 16GB VRAM. As a result, there will only be three remaining Arc A770 16GB models available, specifically the ACER Predator Bisfrost and Gunnir Photon in Black and White. This indicates a rather short list of options. However, Intel also provides an 8GB SKU to its partners, resulting in the availability of up to four models with this configuration.

It is worth mentioning that the pricing change notification was released yesterday and has already been implemented. Typically, companies announce product discontinuations or changes well in advance, as these processes involve multiple steps that can take up to a year. The fact that this Product Change Notification (PCN) has already been issued indicates that no additional Limited Edition cards will be produced.

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Equally significant is the fact that no Product Change Notification was issued for the Arc A750 Limited Edition, which continues to be one of the most reasonably priced “modern” GPUs available in the market.

Via Intel