Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids Will Feature Up To 64GB HBM2e Memory

At Supercomputing 2021 today, Intel made a new revelation on 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable CPUs known as Sapphire Rapids.

Intel has disclosed that it will introduce two types of Xeon’s based on Sapphire Rapids architecture. Xeon will feature four stacks of HBM2e memory having 16GB of capacity. which means it will cover 64GB of memory.

Intel Sapphire Rapids HBM

The Sapphire Rapids CPUs will feature up to 56 cores and TDPs up to 350W. The Next-Gen Xeon platform will also expand Intel support for PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 technology.

Moreover, Intel announced L1 and L2 cache configurations of Ponte Vecchio HPC GPU. This is a data center accelerator that is to be used with Xeon Sapphire Rapids in supercomputers such as Aurora.

Aurora Supercomputer, sponsored by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and manufactured by Intel and Cray for the Argonne National Laboratory will have more than 54,000 Ponte Vecchio GPUs and 18,000 Sapphire Rapids processors.

Intel Sapphire Rapids

Intel also presented a roadmap for its data center product. It confirms that the company is already planning ahead and will launch a successor to each of the 2022 products in the following year.

Via AnandTech