Innosilicon’s “Fenghua No.1” Graphics Card Will Support GDDR6X, PCI-E 4.0 And HDMI 2.1

Innosilicon Technology has just revealed their first ‘High-Performance GPU’ for servers. It is the first ever attempt by China at manufacturing an actual competitor to NVIDIA/AMD.

The press release, however, does not provide us with the complete details about the GPU. The specifications of the card are also not listed. Nevertheless, the press release did confirm that the GPU is called Fenhua No.1 and that it has been successfully tested and ‘achieved breakthroughs in domestic high-performance graphics in data centers’. Fenghua No.1 is, as a matter of fact, a server GPU.

Fenghua Translation

Innosilicon Fenghua No.1 is reportedly going to be a dual-fan design with HDMI and DVI display connectors. It is actually a workstation card and not a discrete GPU. The specifications include PCI Express 4.0 support and it also comes with HDMI 2.1 and e-DisplayPort 1.4 support.

Most importantly, Fenghua No.1 graphics card comes with GDDR6X memory. This memory technology has so far been limited to NVIDIA RTX 30 gaming GPUs. Rumor has it that Innosilicon is to offer up to 21 Gbps bandwidth for this technology but it is not clear whether Fenghua No.1 will support it or not.

Innosilicon Fenghua No1

Most interestingly, the official press release mentioned support for various graphics APIs, including DirectX. However, all news coming from China about these latest GPUs was quickly outweighed by limited API support. While the company does not finalize which version is to be supported, even DX11 API support could make a lot of outcry in the GPU market.

Via Innosilicon